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“Aluta Continua”; On Earth We Rise.

Mrs. Margaret Samo Deputy Principal (Girls Affairs)

A Testimony of Exceptional KCSE Results

It is that time of the year that we give all the honor and glory to God as we celebrate the excellent KCSE results of 2022. For sure we owe this achievement to God. We congratulate all 351 candidates, the Immanuels for these wonderful results and for maintaining our position in the roll of honor. We celebrate this outstanding mean score of 10.13 with a 99% transition to the university. The candidates underwent unusual experiences and surmounted all the odds, especially with the disruption that came with COVID-19. Bravo! The Immanuels.

This sterling performance by the candidates can be attributed to them being disciplined, focused, committed, diligent, and resilient and their willingness to go the extra mile while listening keenly to the instructions delivered by their teachers, individual and collectively they stretched themselves to their limits to achieve this great results. A special accolade to our great team of 131 girls who competed favorably with the boys to post a mean score of 10.11. This is indeed proof that Moi High School-Kabarak is the best co-educational institution with perfect gender parity. For sure, MHS-K has been fried and tested as the academic giant.

These results would not have been possible without a strong support system. I would wish to commend our Board of Trustees and Board of Directors for their continuous support to ensure we have state of art facilities. The administration of this great school under the shrewd leadership of our Chief Principal has done a distinguished role in ensuring the students thrive in a conducive environment. Kudos! To the great team of staff who are committed, dedicated and responsible for the needs of the students. They are ever present and visible around the clock as they attend to the students in various capacities.

To our wonderful parents and guardians, you have played a very pivotal backup behind the scenes to ensure that everything is done with extra precision. For our continuing students; thank you very much for supporting the Form Fours to achieve their desired grades. To the Immanuels, you remain engraved in our hearts. We wish you all the best in your career development and as you purpose to make a lasting impact on the rest of humanity.

May the legacy of our Patron and Founder H.E Daniel Toroitich arap Moi continue to live in the lives of Kenyan Children in their pursuit of education. Moi High School-Kabarak remains the school of choice for many generations to come.

School Magazine

March 2023 Edition