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Mr. Richard Kimutai Rono, The Deputy Principal (Administration)
The Immanuels

The Immanuels

I wish to begin by thanking the Board of Directors, the Chief Principal for appointing me to the position of Deputy Principal-Administration. It is an honour I will repay by providing distinguished service to my alma mater.

It’s a fact that Moi High School-Kabarak is a top brand in the secondary school sector. This identity is a result of many factors that include the time-tested Christian principles, having the right teams of human resources both teaching and non-teaching and state-of-the art teaching and learning facilities. These factors have ultimately ensured that we strive to create a better world through excellent education.

In Moi High School-Kabarak, we give our students a firm foundation of knowledge, real-life skills and experiences and the ability to engage as independent, lifelong learners. Moi High School-Kabarak strives to create a better world through the provision of excellent education guided by Christian principles.

Our educational system prides itself in a well-structured comprehensive 8-4-4- curriculum; soon to seamlessly transition to the CBC curriculum. The school is currently positioning itself as a top-notch provider of all pathways in the upcoming senior secondary school CBC system. The staff are already well trained and prerequisite facilities are in place for the CBC system. Our teachers are applying proven instructional methods that keep our learners engaged and learning efficiently. We execute timely tracking of student performance through appropriate tools that are capable of identifying and filling in any learning gaps.

The application of the aforementioned has, over time, consistently led to the achievement of outstanding K.C.S.E academic results. The results coupled with the life skills we inculcate in the learners prepare our Form Four graduates for admission into the world’s most competitive universities locally and internationally where they distinguish themselves as excellent scholars, leaders and conscientious global members.

The Emmanuels made Moi High School-Kabarak proud by attaining excellent K.C.S.E results in 2022. By God’s favour they broke the academic ceiling that had been set over the past couple of years. They became table toppers. I wish our dear Emmanuels all the best in their future endeavours

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March 2023 Edition