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Rev. Dr. Paul M. Ombati, School Chaplain.
We Owe Our Success to Firm Christian Principles

We Owe Our Success to Firm Christian Principles

This is yet another opportunity for us, as the Moi High School Kabarak family to look back and thank God for His faithfulness. The 2022 class (The Immanuels), has done us proud. They broke and set a new record, from 24 A’s in 2021 to 33 A’s in 2022. We will forever be grateful to our God. It is our challenge to the class of 2023 (THE JONATHANS) to break the record of the 2022 class (THE IMMANUELS).

The Chaplaincy Department of Moi High School - Kabarak and Moi Primary School is headed by the Chaplain. This department coordinates the process of integration of Christian faith and learning. The committee is charged with the responsibility of providing the necessary spiritual infrastructure for members of the Kabarak Community to know their creator and discover his calling for their lives. As a school, we emphasize Christian culture that is unique for character transformation and formation in the lives of students, staff and their family members. Thus the Chaplaincy Department perceives as her primary role the duty of providing spiritual guidance and pastoral care to all the members of the Kabarak Community.

Our Motto “On Earth, We Rise” defines our purpose of existence as an institution. We believe that the word of the Lord is the foundation of all that we do as an institution. The Chaplaincy department coordinates many spiritual activities, which are of great value for the growth of both students and staff. The Africa Inland Church Kabarak community Chapel provides opportunities to students and staff members to utilize their spiritual gifts as they serve the Lord and humanity.

As an underlying premise, the Chaplaincy Department believes that no society of humans can ignore the spiritual and religious dimensions of life without jeopardizing what it means to be human. Human beings are by nature religious and no society would deny the religious domain without some grave consequences.

Our desire as a school is to participate fully in fulfilling the great commission and to engage our students and staff members in developing servanthood. Both our students and staff have been involved in many outreach missions to reach the world for Christ. This fulfills Christ’s mission to his disciples that they should preach to the world. We have reached out to various communities annually in the East African region.

Internally, we reach the rest of the students, staff and community through Weekend Challenges, Bible Studies and teaching Sunday School children. During our Sunday School Services, both teachers and students participate actively in order to fulfill the benefits of Christianity. The Chaplaincy Department undertakes teaching and training classes where the adherents are doctrinally prepared for baptism. The catechism classes take one year after which the adherents, upon satisfactory completion of their training, are baptized by immersion in water in accordance with Jesus Christ's command in the Book of Mathew 28:19-20. To date, AIC - Kabarak Chapel has baptized over 7000 people.

We thank the Lord, our Creator for having given His Excellency, The Late Daniel T. Arap Moi, the Second President of the Republic of Kenya, Patron and Founder of Moi High School - Kabarak, the vision and wisdom to establish the exemplary institution of learning. Truly, this is a Christian school of choice that is learner-centered and guided by values like commitment, fairness and integrity. He rightly purposed in his heart to begin an educational center where spiritual matters are taken with utmost seriousness: his primary goal was, to have a school where children, boys and girls, can receive educational instruction founded on Christian values and Biblical morality. It is to this end that the Chaplaincy Department exists to serve as the primary custodian in the implementation of this noble vision.

Besides the weekly Sunday Worship Services in the Chapel at 7.40 a.m., the Chaplaincy oversees and provides many opportunities for service and fellowships for members of the two institutions; the high school and the primary school. For example, there is the Sunday School hour that runs from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. on Sundays. Our students are involved in teaching Sunday School children.

Other opportunities for Christian Spiritual development and growth include Bible Studies which is held on Tuesdays for non-teaching staff, Thursdays for teachers and Sunday afternoons for students. There are also Christian Union Fellowships for the high school on Sunday afternoon. The Christian Union has a membership of over one thousand. These are students who, out of their own conviction, come together for the purposes of fellowship and administering the word of God to other members of the school community. They are guided by the School Chaplain through the Christian Union Patron. It is my prayer that God, by His grace, will grant the Chaplaincy Department continued wisdom and vision to provide the needed spiritual atmosphere for the members of Moi High School - Kabarak, Moi Primary School and other members of Kabarak Community to know their Creator and discover his calling in their lives.

We give God the glory for the exemplary performance that the school has continued to post. Every year, we have been having a Biblical verse that guides the candidates and strengthens them spiritually. We shall forever be grateful to the founding father of Kabarak Institutions, His Excellency the Late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, for his consideration to our worthy course of incorporating education in Christian values.

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