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The success of the Nehemiahs was inspired by God's Word; "what is impossible with men is possible with God" Luke 18:27.

Self-Discipline Sure Recipe for Success

Once more, we are greatly humbled by the excellent K.C.S.E. Examination results of the Form 4 class of 2013 (The Nehemiahs). It is for this reason that we give glory to God and praise Him.

The dream of our Founder and Patron H.E. President Daniel T. arap Moi, C.G.H. is being realized by having a Christian Co-educational institution for the benefit of the Kenyan youth. We take this opportunity to thank our dear Patron for making his dream a reality.

We also thank the entire staff for their spirit of hard work, commitment, teamwork, and taking initiative. The teaching staff does not only provide academic guidance to the learners but also supplements the parents' role of bringing up the children. We wish to appreciate our Chief Principal, Mr. Henry Kiplangat, for his able leadership without which the school would not have posted outstanding results.

At Moi High School-Kabarak we emphasize excellence in all our undertak¬ings to the glory of God. We encourage each student or member of staff to strive to achieve the absolute best in all tasks. This is reinforced by values such as commitment, dedication, teamwork, integrity, and love for one another among others.

The success of the Nehemiahs was inspired by Gods Word; "what is impossible with men is possible with God” Luke 18:27. They 'walked and worked' with their teachers, went the extra mile in their studies, were purpose-driven, and purposed to make an improvement in every other exam that they did. I also commend them for their high level of discipline.

We thank the parents for being with us as we prepared the candidates for the examinations. The many sacrifices that you made were for a worthy course.

To the current students, we have confidence in you. Appreciate the fact that you are in the best school in the country - a school with great opportunities. Learn to see and create them. You also have great potential to excel in your academics. Work harder in order to realize your very best.

You have the enormous task to propel Moi High School-Kabarak to the top in K.C.S.E examinations. Make the right choices and develop passion in what you do, be consistent, practice, have the right attitude and above all fear God the Almighty.


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March 2023 Edition