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  • First and foremost we thank the Almighty God for the far He has brought Moi high school kabarak, surely He is Ebenezer. We take this opportunity to congratulate the 2013 form four class for their outstanding performance, which made the school attain position two nationally. This is attributed to the contribution of the entire staff both Teaching and non-teaching this is the reward of hard work and commitment.

  • We take this opportunity to thank the almighty God for His love and guidance throughout the year 2013 leading to Moi High School-Kabarak being the best school in the country in the K.C.S.E examination.

  • Once more, we are greatly humbled by the excellent K.C.S.E. Examination results of the Form 4 class of 2013 (The Nehemiahs). It is for this reason that we give glory to God and praise Him.

  • We thank the Lord for His kindness in enabling Moi High School-Kabarak to register good results in last year’s KCSE. The school’s sole vision and mission upon its establishment in 1979 of providing holistic quality education to all children under our care, based on Christian tenets, is being realized through this excellent performance over the years. Moi High School-Kabarak anchors all its undertakings on the fear of the Lord and Christian values.

  • As we celebrate the outstanding performance of the 2022 K.C.S.E class, the Immanuels, we are deeply grateful to God for this achievement despite the Covid-19 global pandemic that greatly disrupted our Country’s academic programs from March, 2020.

  • On this occasion of the 16th Prize and thanksgiving Ceremony, we give God all the glory as we congratulate the 2022 Form four class, the Emmanuels for their outstanding performance. God was with you and rewarded your hard work and commitment. Your success was also attributed to the contribution made by the entire staff in the system and all the stakeholders of the School.

  • A celebration was held at Moi High School Kabarak during Thanksgiving Day to honor the exceptional performance of the 2022 K.C.S.E class. The event was a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, teachers, and staff who contributed to this remarkable achievement.

  • On April 3, the students of Moi High School Kabarak participated in the 2023 chapter of the World Scholars Club at Brook House in Nairobi. This was a remarkable opportunity for our students to showcase their academic prowess and engage with other bright minds from around the world.

  • Moi High School Kabarak has successfully completed its first term of the year 2023, and the students are ecstatic to reunite with their families and friends. The term was filled with blessings, challenges, and valuable lessons learned, and the students are eager to share their experiences with their loved ones.

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March 2023 Edition