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The Department of Finance

mr. nicodemus ngangaCPA Nickson K. Kiptiony, MBA (FNCE), H.O.D - Finance Manager.Moi High School-Kabarak finance department over time has undergone several changes focused on achieving efficiency in our operations. The changes include the migration of systems from manual to the computerized system which has enabled the department to provide accurate, reliable and timely financial records.

The department operates under a Local Area Network (LAN), which enables authorized users to log in and access the student's school fees statements, fees balances and other financial records in their offices.

Currently, our system is undergoing integration and once this process is completed, our parents/guardians will not need to submit the deposit slips upon the payment of school fees. The school fees will be uploaded online and notification is given to the parents/guardians. Once this is complete the school will notify the parents/guardians of the process of logging into the student’s portal to access and check the school fees balances, the fee structure and the performance report of his/her child.

We in the Finance department are charged with the role of budgeting, planning, procurement and general management of the school funds and other assets. This being a crucial task, it calls for faithfulness, honesty and prudence, which can only be achieved by strong personal integrity backed by the fear of God. In any organization resources is a scarce element and therefore effective control must be exercised at all times. Long live Kabarak.

The Finance Department Staff

School Magazine

March 2023 Edition