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The Department of Mathematics

mr. nicodemus ngangaMr. Samwel Rotich, H.O.D - MathematicsMoi High School - Kabarak Mathematics Department, is dedicated to providing our students with a solid foundation in mathematical principles and problem-solving skills that will serve them well throughout their academic and professional careers.

We have put in place structures and strategies that will propel us back to the top. Among them are early completion and detailed syllabus coverage, close and regular monitoring and assistance of individual students by teachers, guided revision programs, and regular internal and external tests and examinations,

We are determined and focused to ensure that the current candidates of 2023 post-an impressive mean at the end of the year. We are calling upon them to cooperate, work harder and smarter to achieve this objective.

Curriculum updates: Our curriculum is aligned with the latest state and national standards, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for college and beyond. We have incorporated and expanded our use of technology to enhance our teaching and learning. Enrichment programs for the entire school: We offer a variety of enrichment programs to challenge and engage our mathematically gifted students. Daily math hour between 1.20-2.00 pm, Monday weekly math day where students are engaged in discussions, inter-class contests and quizzes.

Apart from these, we have a termly internal math contest. Our math club and competitions have seen impressive participation and success, with our students winning awards and recognition at local, regional, and national mathematics contests. Though this was minimal in the year 2022 due to the covid-19 pandemic situation in the country, we shall continue to expose our students to both local and national mathematics competitions, fora and symposia. We believe that this will improve the attitude and overall performance of all our students in mathematics.

Student support services: We recognize that not all students have the same level of comfort with mathematics, and we have expanded our student support services to provide tutoring, extra help sessions, group work sessions and academic advising to help our students succeed. We also offer test preparation resources and continuous assessment tests, helping our students to achieve their best scores. Overall, we are proud of the progress and programs that we have developed over the past year, and we remain committed to providing our students with a strong foundation in mathematics that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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