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Central Stores Department

mr. nicodemus ngangaMr. Samuel Kiptarus, H.o.D. Stores.Moi High School – Kabarak Stores is one of the oldest treasure stores founded by our late former Second President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi back in 1979. It has been like a Gold, Diamond and Sapphire hotspot since it has been excavated continuously over the years to date. Our students have tried to hunt for a hand full of gold nuggets as in the recent past achieved the best results ever. Digging for treasure starts immediately one earns an opportunity to join form one and the journey begins.

Discover in Textbook distribution Centre the variety in it, there are books for all subjects: compulsory subjects such as English, Kiswahili and Mathematics, science subjects such as Biology, Physics and Chemistry, humanities History, Geography and Christian Religious Education, technical and applied subject such as Computer, Home Science and Agriculture and cultural subjects such as French, German, Music and Business Studies. Career and inspiring books from motivational speakers from all over the world are found in there to be discovered.

Someone said that Rome was not built in a day, it has taken time, money, energy and resource and we say Ebenezer this far the lord has brought us.

Our school meticulously churns and processes the very rich gold ore crush and processed before Testing for gold. Mining gold is done in South Africa but ours is from Moi High School- Kabarak. Challenge yourself about the best thing nature has given us so that we can harness and used them to better our way of living.

We take this opportunity foremost to thank God for the gifted of life he continues to bestow on us. We also like to congratulate the 2022 candidates for their stilted performance. Thank you the Board of Directors for the great foresight they exhibited all through. The principal and all the staff for the unmatched performance you exhibited. Miners never get tired of looking for the precious metal. They work tirelessly until they get their share. We are told that if one is looking for a precious item like Gold and diamond we know they are not found anywhere on the surface of the earth but deep inside it. In the process, they encounter barriers such as rocks. Our miners have to break at least seven barriers in order to secure a clean gold medal. Each barrier is a learning area and specialty. Gold mining is a process of extracting gold from its natural form and purifying it into quality staff, similarly, learning involves a number of stages one can find out later. What would you do if a friend told you lots of gold are near your local park? Would you run to the park? Would you tell other friends or keep it a secret? The purpose is to be a quality miner for better grades. Have discipline, dedication, determination and be focused.

The stores are manned by storekeepers Monica Muriuki, Jan Kemboi, Jonathan Mwanzia, Monica Murguiya and Amos Kangogo at Textbook Distribution Centre and the mining tools consumable issue store are issued by Susan and Mike Kirui.

The teachers in charge of the Stores are Mr. Samwel Kiptarus assisted by Mr. Kennedy Baraza. Long live Moi High School-Kabarak.

Textbooks Distribution Centre Staff
Textbooks Distribution Centre Staff

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