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Department of Guidance and Counselling, and Careers

mr. john k. limoMrs. Nancy Toroitich, S.H.o.D – Guidance and Counselling, and Careers.The Counseling Department plays a crucial role in facilitating students’ academic achievement, improving student behavior, helping students cope with various challenges and making deliberate choices about careers they would undertake after completion of their secondary school education.

Counseling is a transformative process that helps learners discover and develop their educational and psychological potential. Any child in their growth process will encounter challenges ranging from social issues, academic achievement and performance to careers to choose from.

The department plays an inevitable role in ensuring that students get the much-needed support as they navigate their life in high school. The department conducts its activities right from when the students join Form one, through the Form One orientation program. This enables the students to adjust quickly to life in high school and helps them know how to deal with the early teenage years. The activities run all through to Form Four where the candidates are motivated highly by a number of internationally recognized speakers and life coaches as they prepare for the national examinations and for life after high school.

Career guidance and selection is another crucial role played by the department. It assists students by providing information and tips so as to make informed career choices. It is at these critical career formative years that the learner requires adequate understanding of themselves in terms of academic potential, talent, skills, interests, personality traits, values, ambitions and dreams which are a guide to the career of choice.

members of the guidance and counselling and careers department from left mr. j. muthokiMembers of the Guidance and Counselling, and Careers Department from left, Mr. J. Muthoki, Mrs. N. Toroitich, Mrs. R. Ombati and Mr. B. Korir

Throughout their stay at Moi High School-Kabarak, the students are engaged in various ways by the department through programs and activities such as:-

  • Providing instruction on psychological and social issues that help learners minimize cases of indiscipline and remain grounded so as to achieve their academic goals.
  • Conducting individualized counseling to students dealing with a myriad of issues such as grief, trauma, identity, self-esteem, personality and academic-related challenges. The students are helped to navigate through these concerns in three to five sessions.
  • Providing referrals, recommendations and awareness to students about emerging issues such as drugs and substance abuse, and mental health awareness.
  • Developing skills to help study habits and time management that help learners to maintain academic standards and set goals for academic excellence.
  • Invitation of various career professional speakers for talks to the students.
  • Organizing annual career open days through which students get to interact with various professionals in different fields. They also get a chance to get information about admission to universities in Kenya and abroad.
  • Attending career open days and seminars organized by other institutions. Availing career reference materials, magazines, newspapers and guide books among others to students.

The Guidance, Counselling and Careers department is headed by:

  • Mrs.Nancy Toroitich - Senior Head of Department
  • Mr. Benedict Kori - Head of Department - Careers
  • Mrs. Rachel Ombati - Head of Department - Guidance and Counselling Girls,
  • Mr. James Muthoki - Head of Department - Guidance and Counselling- boys.
Dr. Susan Gitau of Elewa Ulevi giving a talk to 2023 Form 1’s on Mental Health Awareness
Dr. Susan Gitau of Elewa Ulevi giving a talk to 2023 Form 1’s on Mental Health Awareness

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