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The Department of Languages

mr. nicodemus ngangaMr. Benard Aketch, Senior H.O.D - LanguagesThe Department of Languages comprises Kiswahili and English manned by not less than twenty-two teachers. It plays a pivotal role in the academic arena. English, for example, is exceptionally crucial in the good performance of all other disciplines except for Kiswahili.

It is gratifying to note that the performance of these two subjects in the K.C.S.E has been steady except for the last year’s results in the English subject which registered a negative deviation. In 2022 K.C.S.E, the English Subject registered a mean of 9.36 (B). Kiswahili had a mean grade of 10.07 (B+), an improvement from 9.54 (B+) in 2021.

I commend all the teachers for their efforts in 2022. Looking back at last year, I can see the teachers who worked hard and in unison to try to achieve the school-set target of 10.50 (A-) in both English and Kiswahili. They were not let down by the results. I wish to particularly salute the Kiswahili Subject teachers for such a remarkable improvement.

Now a word to the whole student body and in particular the 2023 Candidates, English and Kiswahili, being among the compulsory subjects, must be taken more seriously than we usually do. Very good grades in these subjects will make a difference between getting and not getting the career of your choice.

English Language, for example, is a core subject; it is also a medium of instruction for all the other subjects except for Kiswahili. A good command of both Kiswahili and English means that one has a better chance of achieving good grades in the other subjects. For this reason, it behooves every student to have total seriousness, that is, give Kiswahili and English equal attention as any other subject. It should never be taken casually at any one time in school.

In conclusion, I would like to repeat what I have said in the past that both English and Kiswahili have the same formula leading to success, one must read widely, write a lot and make a deliberate attempt to speak well the two languages. The more often one speaks, reads and writes, the better one`s communication of ideas in the examinations will be. Guard against mixing the two languages in a single sentence or discussing English and even the other subjects in Kiswahili. The end result is that you will neither be here nor there.

Finally, let us mind our handwriting-it is crucial in achieving good grades in the examinations. Everyone must strive to write legibly and neatly at all times. Remember practice makes perfect.

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