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The Department of Discipline and Routine

mr. nicodemus ngangaMr. Nicodemus Ng’ang’a, Senior H.O.D - Discipline and RoutineWe give glory to God as we celebrate our Annual Prize and Thanks Giving Ceremony. The Immanuels (class of 2022) made us proud for the exemplary results. They were prayerful, maintained very high standards of discipline, worked hard and remained focused to attain those excellent results.

From the Department of Discipline and Routine, it is worth noting that, the clear and elaborate school routine has continued to create more time and space for learning and therefore making the whole process more efficient. Our school routine gives students a clear direction on when to accomplish a given task at hand. It provides a consistent structure to depend on and promotes a sense of independence and empowerment to students who need this for their academic success and to develop social responsibility.

In our school, discipline is key to the success of every student. The department encourages students to maintain high standards of discipline and to follow the school routine all the time. The need to observe school rules and regulations becomes imperative so that order, discipline and a conducive learning environment are created. The quality of a student's discipline is an important factor in determining the intellectual outcome of the learners. It's worth noting that students who are disciplined keep their minds focused and will always remain on top of things be it in their studies or personal lives.

To the continuing students, education without discipline is incomplete. With the help of discipline, students will be able to establish positive attitudes toward their studies and life in general. It is for this reason, Moi High School – Kabarak has continued to produce graduates who are role models and responsible members of society.

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