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The Library Department

mr. nicodemus ngangaMr. Allan Kemei Teacher in charge of Library.As soon as you step across the threshold that separates the Moi High School Kabarak Compound from Kabarak University, and into the school, there is one phenomenal piece of architecture that is bound to capture your attention; a double-storied building which is our school library. The grand tall glass-walled building that sits strikingly and imposingly on a raised grass plain, flanked by a short wall of perfectly trimmed shrubbery, and horizontal primrose bush that leads to its portico is definitely one of the magnificent structures on campus and not just for its stunning architectural beauty but it is also a haven for academic excellence.

The school library boasts of hosting a sitting capacity of 450 students and it is stocked to its limits with over 70, 000 books that range from fiction, science, history, mathematics, and self-help books that are used for intellectual nourishment, research, revision and leisure among a host of other uses. The library is an information powerhouse that holds the key to unlocking limitless dreams, boundless imaginations and endless potential. The polished wooded tables are always inviting for the insatiable and voracious readers of Moi High School Kabarak who make use of the facility as they savor and retrieve the desired information.

ms. nancy tanuiMs. Nancy Tanui Teacher in Charge of the LibraryRendering the library services would be impossible without the concerted efforts of the dedicated team of librarians led by the Head Librarian Mrs. Jane Yatich who are always present to ensure that everything is running smoothly with the help of Library Captains (Debbie Korir, and Benard Kimutai) and Library Prefects (Destiny Masika, Linda Jerop) who ensure that the Library is kept clean, tidy and orderly with the help of library workers so that it can be ready for use and help quench the thirst for knowledge exhibited by students and this is done under the able leadership of the Teacher–in–Charge of the Library department, Mr. Kemei, Allan.

So whether one wants to unwind and read a novel or the newspaper, revise for an upcoming exam, meditate upon their aspirations, learn a new random fact, or research an emerging issue, our resource center, and spring of information is always a haven to seek refuge. The School Library – Our Erudite Castle.

Students in a Library Session
Students in a Library Session

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